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WLU and Pittsburgh Technical College Sign Partnership

Photo by Alan Olson Pittsburgh Technical College representative Eileen Steffan and West Liberty University president W. Franklin Evans sign a partnership agreement.

WEST LIBERTY –Students at Pittsburgh Technical College can earn credits toward a degree at West Liberty University under a fast track partnership finalized Tuesday morning.

WLU President W. Franklin Evans and PTC vice-president of academic affairs Eileen Steffan signed the MBA Fast Track partnership into effect, which enables PTC graduates with Bachelor of Science degrees in business administration to earn up to 12 credit hours toward their MBA, or up to nine hours toward applied management program or six hours in the science in information technology program.

Evans said he hopes the partnership will be a boon to the university in terms of enrollment, and to the students in terms of cost-savings.

“We see one of our best opportunities for graduate studies, and this is an ideal opportunity for West Liberty University to partner with a sister undergraduate institution that will allow their students to come here to West Liberty, get a jump start on their coursework, so it’ll be a seamless process for them to get their graduate degree in less time,” Evans said.

“This is a major advantage, when you look at students taking courses that not only count for their bachelor’s degree, but their master’s degree, it’s a two-for-one,” he added. “Certainly less time, but also less money, and I see this as an incentive to get more students to want to do something similar, not wasting time and to save money.”

West Liberty University has similar partnerships with West Virginia University and Marshall University, but Evans said this was the first program of its kind for the school to cooperate with a college outside the state.

“I don’t think we have many programs like this,” he said. “This is something very new for us.”

Steffan said the partnership with WLU was beneficial for students, as it paved the way to make higher education more affordable.

“Having these types of partnerships, particularly with schools that will work closely to create like student services, create huge advantages,” she said.

“Not only does this address affordability needs, but also the credentials needed along the way of a student’s professional career path.”


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