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More Details Released in Pennsylvania Shooting

Bryce Tacy Sr.

A simmering feud between neighbors in Smith Township apparently led to the fatal shooting that left one of them dead while he was cutting his grass Wednesday afternoon.

Bryce Kevin Tacy Sr., 52, of 14 Loffert Road, was charged with homicide after state police said he fired his handgun multiple times at his neighbor, Jerry E. Anderson, striking him in the back and head while he was on his riding lawnmower, according to court documents.

Tacy Sr. called 911 immediately after the shooting and told emergency dispatchers he had shot Anderson, investigators said. Smith Township police officers and state troopers were called to the neighborhood near Midway shortly before 2:30 p.m. and Tacy Sr. could be seen outside his home with a handgun and telling officers he wanted to die by “suicide by cop,” according to court documents. Tacy Sr. then went inside the house, prompting a standoff with Washington County SWAT officers before he surrendered to police about 90 minutes later.

According to court documents, Tacy Sr. and Anderson were both outside doing yard work when the men began arguing. Tacy Sr. also complained to family members about Anderson’s use of an aerial drone in the neighborhood. As Tacy Sr.’s son, Bryce Jr., was leaving the house and pulling out of the driveway in his car, he told investigators he heard the men arguing shortly before two gunshots rang out.

He then saw his father fire two more times toward Anderson before Tacy Sr. walked closer to Anderson’s mower and fired four more gunshots, state police said. As Tacy Jr. drove away, he told police he saw Anderson slumped over on his riding lawnmower.

Tacy Sr. came back into the house and told his mother, Hope, that he had shot Anderson, investigators said. She then called 911 to “make sure somebody was coming for the poor guy next door,” according to court documents. But it was too late, as Anderson was unresponsive on the lawnmower and medics could not reach him while Tacy Sr. remained in the house next door during the standoff. Anderson, 44, of 18 Loffert Road, was pronounced dead at the scene by the Washington County coroner.

Tacy Jr. told investigators that his father had been in various conflicts with Anderson over the past eight years, and that Tacy Sr. had been acting “obsessive and paranoid” about the neighbors recently, police said.

“I put up with him for eight years. I’m tired of him, I’m sick of him,” Bryce Sr. allegedly told relatives, according to the criminal complaint.

However, Bryce Sr. did not explain to his relatives or investigators what exactly prompted the shooting.

After his arrest, he was arraigned by District Judge Gary Havelka on one count of criminal homicide. He is being held without bond at the Washington County jail while he awaits his preliminary hearing, tentatively scheduled before Havelka at 10 a.m. June 1.


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