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New Good Zoo Train Ready To Roll at Oglebay Park in Wheeling

photo by: Photo courtesy of Oglebay

The new Safari Train is ready to go at Oglebay's Good Zoo. The trackless train replaces the old Good Zoo train which was retired last year.

WHEELING – Patrons at Oglebay’s Good Zoo have a new train to ride – one that looks a little different and takes a different path than the old one.

The Safari Train is now available to ride, the zoo announced on its website Friday. The ADA-accessible trackless train will depart approximately every 30 minutes from the zoo’s main building patio on a continuous loop during zoo operating hours. It will make four stops along its route – the main building patio, the Red Barn Station, the Wetlands Habitat and the zoo playground.

Riders will be able to listen to behind-the-scenes stories of the zoo’s animals as they take a narrated journey throughout the zoo.

The Safari Train – a diesel-powered Gopo trackless train – replaces the two 1977 Chance C.P. Huntington trains that rolled around the zoo’s track for more than four decades. The zoo retired and sold the two trains, as maintenance was becoming more costly and more difficult to complete as parts for those trains became more scares.

Zoo officials said replacing one of those trains would have cost $1 million. The Safari Train, which sports a blue and yellow color scheme, cost the zoo $180,000.

The new train seats 84 passengers, as opposed to the 68 that the old trains sat. The new train also is about 18 inches wider, which makes it more comfortable for more passengers.

Tickets for non-zoo-members are $5 each. Tickets for zoo members are $4 each and free with a silver membership or higher. Seats are subject to availability with purchase of a train ticket and are not guaranteed at each stop.


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