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Outdoor Classroom, Other Projects Ahead at Toronto High School

File Photo - The Toronto City Schools Board of Education recently approved bids to extend a sidewalk and add fencing at Red Knights Stadium.

Students at Toronto Junior-Senior High School will be able to get some fresh air while learning about new things when crews complete an outdoor classroom using the building’s interior courtyard.

On Thursday, the Toronto City Schools Board of Education accepted a $450,336 bid from Border Patrol of Hopedale for its construction using funds awarded through the American Rescue Plan Act.

Designs by Lesko Architecture of Cleveland call for the area to include a sunken seating area, with stone seats for 30 to 40 students and covered by a canopy, as well as picnic tables, benches, lighting and landscaping.

The start date for the project hasn’t been determined, but crews will have 6 months to complete it.

Taggart noted an outdoor instructional area was included in original plans for the junior-senior high school but cut because of lack of funding.

An interior outdoor classroom was included in the courtyard of the elementary school when it was built in 2019 and has been popular with students and teachers, she said.

The board also accepted a bid of $46,195 from McCart Construction of Toronto to extend a sidewalk from in front of the football stadium to the baseball field and to replace a portion of sidewalk behind the field house.

The board also accepted bids totaling $11,290 from Gil Thermes Fencing of Wintersville to install fencing at the rear of the new visitors section so the area below can be used for storage and to install windscreen for the new fencing at the south end zone of the football field.

Taggart said the screen will serve the same function as slats in the old fencing to maintain privacy between the field and its southern neighbors.

In other business, the board:

– Agreed to advertise for an assistant principal to assist the principal at the elementary school, which ended the current school year with 357 students in the building and two participating virtually.

– Agreed to pay $47,276 for property, auto, liability, legal and crime insurance coverage through McBane Insurance and $3,580 for cyber insurance through Risk Placement Services.

– Accepted an agreement with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department for $257.80 per day in wages and expenses for a school prevention and resource officer.

Greg Mamula, a retired state trooper, will continue to serve in that position.

– Agreed to pay C.H.A.N.G.E. Inc. $33.75 per hour for full-time nursing services at the school-based health center and $38.52 per hour for up to 16 hours per week for a social worker who provides counseling and consultation for students and staff.

– Announced its next meeting will be at 5 p.m. July 21 in the Toronto Junior-Senior High School Library.


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