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Streets That Will Be Paved in Wheeling’s New $1.85 Million Project:

Below is the list of streets that will be paved in Wheeling’s new $1.85 million project:

1 mile on Wheeling Heritage Trail

20th Street from Main Street to Market Street

23rd Street from Market Street to Chapline Street

26th Street from Eoff Street to Chapline Street (with arrows and lines)

Alice Avenue from Valley View Avenue to Currie Drive

Antoni Avenue from the bottom area and National Road to the driveway

Armory Drive from Mount DeChantal Road to the sign shop

Bank Street from Fulton Street to National Road

Bedillion Lane from National Road to Locust Avenue

Cedarview Drive from Mill Acres to Courtland Avenue

Chambers Avenue from Lounez Avenue to the church lot

Chapline Street from 26th Street to 27th Street (with arrows and lines)

Danfield Drive from Glen Hollin Drive to the dead end

Delaware Street from South Erie Street to South Broadway Street

Eoff Street from 11th Street to 16th Street (with crosswalks, stop bars and 6-inch line)

Evelyn Avenue from Junior Avenue to Bethlehem Boulevard

Georgia Street intersection

Incline Avenue from Frazier Run Road to the intersection

Lava Avenue (Community Avenue) from Junior Avenue to the skate park

Lock Avenue from the Wheeling Heritage Trail to the north end of the tennis court

Locust Avenue from National Road to Bedillion Lane

Louisa and Lane X from Parkview Lane to Floral Avenue

Lower Terrace Avenue from Park Road to the city limits

Market Street from 18th Street to 20th Street

Mt. Wood Cemetery main road

Operations Center main lot

Park Road from Lower Terrace Avenue to Esther Street

Patterson Avenue from Kruger Street to Davis Lane

Peach Tree Street from Hunter Avenue to Armory Drive

Point View Terrace from Mount DeChantal Road to the driveway

South Park Street from Edgwood Street to Poplar Avenue

Valley View Avenue from Washington Avenue to West Washington Avenue (with crosswalk and stop bar)

Waddle Avenue from Halstead Avenue to Webster Avenue

Water Street from the 12th Street intersection to 14th Street

Webster Avenue from National Road to Waddle Avenue

West Washington Avenue from Washington Avenue to Valley View Avenue

Williams Lane from Kruger Street to the end


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