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Suspect in Wheeling Stabbing Is Arrested


WHEELING — A man faces multiple felony charges after allegedly stabbing a supposed friend several times after a verbal altercation turned violent on Wheeling Island last month.

Curtis McGhee, 47, of Bridgeport, was arrested Friday morning in Moundsville on three counts of malicious wounding, according to the Wheeling Police Department. WPD officers announced Thursday afternoon they were searching for McGhee as a suspect in the incident.

He was arraigned and held at the Northern Regional Jail in lieu of $50,000 bond.

On July 30, Wheeling police were called to the emergency room at Wheeling Hospital, where a man had suffered three injuries in an apparent knife attack.

According to WPD reports, the man said he had been stabbed three times, once in the knee, once in the hand, and once on the neck behind his head. The man refused to identify his assailant, only saying that he was a friend of 30 years somewhere near the north end of Wheeling Island.

Witnesses told police that the man had been arguing with McGhee at La La’s VooDoo Lounge, according to police reports. The argument became heated and the two went outside, where the two were allegedly seen shoving each other, before the injured man fell to the ground and did not get up.

One witness said the man had suffered a large laceration on his knee, and another reported hearing the man say, “You stabbed me! Curt, you cut me and I am your friend!”

Witnesses say that while the downed man was crying and trying to end the fight, McGhee allegedly struck at him again, wrestling on the ground before separating.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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