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Youth, Parents Welcome Addition of Splash Pad to Martins Ferry Pool

photo by: Carri Graham

Skylar Humphries, 7, sits on a ladybug statue at the Martins Ferry swimming pool’s new splash pad on Monday.

It was a fairly nice day for the opening of the Martins Ferry swimming pool’s new splash pad on Monday.

A couple of the pool’s lifeguards, 16-year-olds Taylor Remp and Anna Norman, took advantage of the opening of the new addition, checking out all the features. The girls pushed the blue button stem located in the corner of the area to get the water spraying and ran through the sprinkles. They eagerly waited as the bucket dump filled with water and toppled down on to them before taking a seat on the large turtle statue.

Later in the afternoon, groups of children showed up to join in on the fun. Kids ran around and took turns pushing the button to start up the water showers.

Skylar Humphries, 7, said she loved the new splash pad. She said her favorite part was the ladybug, which she sat on for a photo. Her mother, Jeri Pardew of Martins Ferry, said they come to the swimming pool almost daily.

“They’re very good with the kids. They’re all about the kids and the families,” she said of the pool and its staff.

As for the splash pad, Pardew said it was an “awesome addition for the kids.”

Briana McKee, 11, said her favorite part of the pad was the dump bucket, while her friend, 9-year-old Lylea Hyde, said hers was the umbrella.

Amanda Hyde, Lylea’s mother, said she was happy to see the addition.

“It’s something different for the kids to do,” she said.

A sun spray is stationed in the center of the 30-by-25-foot splash pad, where multiple holes allow water to spray in all directions. Surrounding the sun are statue sprayers, including a butterfly, ladybug, fish head, turtle, a giant umbrella and a couple flower showers. The company, My Splash Pad of Louisville, Ohio, that installed the pad will return in 30 days to complete the remainder of the project, which entails the installation of a rubber top surface that will keep kids safe should they fall.

Mayor John Davies said the youngsters were enjoying the new addition during its opening day. Even though it is nearly the end of pool season, he said city leaders wanted the kids to be able to play on it as soon as it was up and running.

“We wanted to open it up and have them enjoy it a little bit while we have a little bit of summer left,” he said.

The splash pad will most likely remain open until the pool’s closing day, set for Aug. 20. After that, Davies said they may open it for a couple weekends following the pool’s closure, depending on the weather.

Davies said the city is accepting donations from the community to assist with repaying the cost borrowed from the city – $50,000. Anyone interested in donating to the splash pad project can send checks to the city building — 35 S. Fifth St., Martins Ferry, OH 43950 – with a designation for “splash pad.”

“We’ll be happy to accept them, and we’ll send them a letter back thanking them,” he said.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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