Organist Joins WLU Faculty

Photo Provided Wayne Earnest, West Liberty University adjunct professor of organ studies and church music, is shown at the pipe organ built by M.P. Moller.

For many years the M. P. Moller pipe organ company was the largest in the world, operating out of Hagerstown Md.

The pipe organ at the West Liberty University Interfaith Chapel was built by M. P. Moller and installed in 1967 and has been played in worship services, weddings, funerals, concerts, and special events. It consists of three manual keyboards, a pedal keyboard, and over 2,000 pipes — not to mention wind chests, reservoirs, a blower, wind lines, swell shades, chimes, a host of electronic components, and miles of wiring!

Invented 250 years before Jesus was born, the pipe organ has had an unbroken history and thus one of the largest repertoires of any instrument. From accompanying gladiator fights to announcing the arrival of rulers as they were arriving on their ox-drawn carts in Medieval towns and cities to filling the cavernous spaces of cathedrals and basilicas to accompanying worship in countless churches, the pipe organ continues to be played in concert and worship across the globe.

Since most church organist jobs are part-time, anyone who plays piano at an intermediate level can easily use their keyboard skill as a means of extra income as an organist, regardless of their profession or college major.

If you’re interested in pursuing lessons, either privately or for credit at West Liberty University, contact Wayne Earnest, WLU adjunct instructor in Organ Studies and Church Music, at musicmanwayne@outlook.com or 724-206-8854.


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