Updated: Commerce Sec. Woody Thrasher Says Brooke Co. Project Could Be Among First With China Energy

BEIJING — A natural gas-fired power plant in Brooke County may be one of the initial projects undertaken in a new, $83.7 billion shale gas agreement between West Virginia and China Energy, Commerce Secretary Woody Thrasher announced this morning.

Thrasher said the Brooke County project, along with another natural gas power plant in Harrison County, W.Va., could be under construction in the next six to 12 months. China Energy would serve as a partner in the power plants, which are expected to cost in excess of $1.3 billion.

Thrasher said as the state looked at its neighbors, it found that Ohio had developed 19 natural gas power plants, and Pennsylvania, 22. There are none in the Mountain State.

“That’s about to change,” Thrasher said today during an interview on MetroNews Talkline.


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