DeAndre Davis Heads to Trial for Sept. 17 in Ohio County

Attorneys argue cases during two-hour pre-trial hearing Friday

Photo by Heather Ziegler Ohio County Circuit Judge David Sims presides over a pre-trial hearing Friday in the murder case against DeAndre Davis, center, with his attorney Edward Gillison.

WHEELING — Accused murderer DeAndre Davis is headed to trial in 10 days.

Ohio County Circuit Judge David Sims set his trial for Sept. 17 after attorneys on both sides of the case argued various points during a nearly two-hour pre-trial hearing Friday.

Defense attorney Edward Gillison submitted 11 motions to Sims to suppress certain pieces of evidence in the case. However, Ohio County Assistant Prosecutor Shawn Turak said she had not received copies of the motions before Friday’s hearing. That resulted in some heated words at times between the two attorneys.

Davis, 27, is charged in the May 9, 2017, shooting death of Ahmid Saleam Hinton, 41, on Wheeling Island. Davis’ brother Jordan Davis III, 28, also was charged in the death. Rather than going to trial, Jordan Davis entered Aug. 13 an Alford plea to a charge of second-degree murder. In doing so, he denied guilt in the death of Hinton but admitted that he would likely lose at trial. A sentencing date has not been set in his case.

Meanwhile on Friday, Turak presented testimony by law enforcement officials in an effort to establish that DeAndre Davis is a flight risk.

Wheeling Police Detective Matt Taylor and U.S. Marshal Chad Simpson told of their interactions with DeAndre Davis during his Oct. 31 arrest on the murder charge at Davis’ girlfriend’s apartment in South Wheeling.

Both said the suspect attempted to flee after being found inside the apartment.

City police officer Daniel Holmes, a member of the Ohio Valley Drug Task Force, also said he arrested DeAndre Davis in July 2017 in Wheeling on a drug charge unrelated to the murder case. During that arrest, at a Main Street apartment, Holmes said a handcuffed DeAndre Davis attempted to escape custody by pushing him down steps. The officer sustained a scraped leg during the incident and was aided by another officer to complete the arrest.

Holmes said DeAndre Davis had a fake driver’s license in his possession at the time of this arrest. Gillison objected to the statement, questioning whether the officer could prove it was DeAndre Davis in the photo on the license.

At that point, Sims looked at a copy of the license and asked, “Does he have a twin brother?”

Holmes said DeAndre Davis failed to show up for a July 31, 2017, hearing on the drug charges.

During Friday’s hearing, Turak played audio recordings between DeAndre Davis and his girlfriend taken from recordings at the Northern Regional Jail after his arrest. Most of the conversations centered on DeAndre Davis wanting his girlfriend to raise bail for him.

Gillison persisted that Friday’s testimony “related to other bad acts and not this murder.” Among his other motions, Gillison asked that DeAndre Davis not be referred to by his nickname “D.D.” during the trial and that “gruesome” autopsy photographs not be shown to the jury. Turak agreed that only photos showing the wounds on Hinton’s body would be used during the trial. Gillison also is seeking to suppress comments from the victim to his brother, William Hinton, prior to his death.

According to court records, William Hinton told police he may have been the intended target of the shooting, which he believed was retribution for a previous altercation between him and the Davis brothers’ uncle at a Wheeling Island bar.

Sims instructed both attorneys to be prepared to address all of the motions Tuesday.

DeAndre Davis remains lodged in the Northern Regional Jail.


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