Jordan Davis Gets 35 Years For Wheeling Island Murder

Photo by Shelley Hanson Jordan Davis III, of Bellaire, talks Thursday during his sentencing hearing in the Admid S. Hinton murder case in Ohio County Circuit Court.


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WHEELING — Jordan Davis III, who entered an Alford plea to the May 2017 murder of Ahmid S. Hinton, was sentenced Thursday to 35 years in prison by Ohio County Circuit Judge David Sims.

At his own request, Davis, 28, of Bellaire, will be appointed a new lawyer as he plans to appeal his case. When given the opportunity to speak, Davis said he did not kill Hinton, who was shot multiple times on South Penn Street about 1:40 a.m. May 9, 2017.

“I didn’t kill him. … I don’t even want this plea,” Davis said.

Sims noted later that he gave Davis the opportunity to go to trial, but decided against it and stayed with the Alford Plea.

An Alford Plea means someone admits that there is enough evidence to convict them during trial without actually admitting any guilt to the alleged crime.

Davis’ Alford Plea was for second-degree murder.

Before handing down the sentence, Davis’ attorney, Mark Panepinto, questioned Wheeling police Detective Matthew Taylor in an effort to show Sims that Davis should be given the lower end of the sentence, a minimum of 10 years. Davis could have received a maximum of 40 years.

Assistant Prosecutor Shawn Turak also asked Taylor some followup questions. She also showed a video presentation related to Hinton and his death. It showed surveillance video of Hinton after he was shot, but it did not show the actual shooting itself.

That view was out of the camera’s range. Turak’s video also included footage from a police car’s video camera and audio of Hinton moaning in agony while waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

Members of Hinton’s family present in the courtroom sobbed and cried during the presentation, with some having to leave the court room at times because they were so distraught by what they were seeing and hearing.

Turak also showed a photo of Hinton laying on a gurney at the hospital. She said he was shot seven times.

“In addition to the multiple gunshot wounds, one of which was on the bottom of his foot, Admid Hinton was laying down when certain shots were being fired into his body,” Turak said, noting the evidence in the case revealed it was premeditated murder. “What singularly stands out in the mind of this family is that Jordan Davis III has never, ever accepted responsibility.”

Davis then interrupted Turak, saying, “That’s because I didn’t kill him.”

Turak then asked Sims to give Davis the maximum sentence.

Sims said he agreed that Davis has never accepted responsibility for Hinton’s death. Upon giving him a sentence of 35 years, Sims said Davis would be given credit for time served from July 30, 2017, to the present. When hearing the sentence, a member of Davis’ family cried out, “Oh my God.”

Sims also told the Hinton family he was sorry for their loss.

Prior to the sentencing, a statement from Hinton’s daughter also read read aloud by an official with the prosecutor’s office.

“My father may not have been a perfect man or father, but during his time on this earth he had much love for his family and his children and grandchildren. … I want (Davis) to know he took someone great from this earth. … Your honor I ask that you give this man the max time behind bars. Whatever time you do give him won’t repair the broken heart of losing my father, but the defendant will still have time to live his life after he gets out of prison and my father will not,” the daughter wrote.

Davis’ brother, DeAndre Davis, 27, entered an Alford Plea to second-degree murder in the same case. He has not yet been sentenced.

According to the criminal complaint, officers asked Ahmid Hinton, who was still conscious, who had shot him. Ahmid Hinton responded, “D.D. did, man.” “D.D.” is a nickname of DeAndre Davis, according to police.

Police were unable to obtain a statement from him beyond what he told officers at the scene because he died later at the hospital. According to the complaint, William Hinton, Ahmid Hinton’s brother, told police he may have been the intended target of the shooting, which he believed was retribution for a previous altercation between him and the Davis brothers’ uncle at a Wheeling Island bar.


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