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Marshall County Sheriff’s Office Receives Almost $27,000 for Body Cameras

MOUNDSVILLE — It was a busy morning Tuesday for the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office, as a new face was sworn in shortly after the law enforcement agency received a large donation for a new set of body cameras.

Williams Energy donated $26,815 for the office to purchase 35 body cameras — one per officer — through Axon. Sheriff Kevin Cecil said the office has used body cameras for about five years, and they have proven to be beneficial to the agency.

“It’s a valuable tool, because it takes away any misconceptions or any guesswork,” Cecil said. “The ones we’ve had, when they’re in use, any questions or issues we’ve had have been resolved as a result of the body cameras.

“What we previously had outlived its life span — we’ve had multiple unrepairable issues,” Cecil added.

Cecil said the cameras were ordered Tuesday morning and were expected to be delivered and in use over the next few weeks. They should be fully implemented by Christmas.

A short time after the check was presented, Marshall County Circuit Judge Jeff Cramer swore in Paul Hebert as the sheriff’s office’s 35th officer. Hebert served as an officer for the Wheeling Police Department for two years before switching departments.

Hebert credits his son, Ryan Hebert, for helping encourage him to pursue his dreams.

“I’ve wanted to (be an officer) since I was a kid, and I was talking with my middle child, Ryan, and he was talking about wanting to be a police officer,” he said. “I told him, I had that aspiration at one time, and he’s asking me why I never tried it. I told him I wasn’t sure. One thing led to another, I took a few tests, and … I’ve loved it ever since. I thank my son for helping me seek my dreams.”


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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