Ohio EPA Sets Cracker Permit Hearing for Wednesday in Shadyside

SHADYSIDE — Another public meeting regarding a proposed ethane cracker in Belmont County is set for 6 p.m. Wednesday at the Shadyside Community Center, 50 E. 39th St., according to the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

The meeting will focus on a wastewater discharge permit for PTT Global Chemical’s proposed plant that would be located in the Dilles Bottom area, south of Shadyside.

According to the Ohio EPA, the company is seeking changes to the “wastewater permit conditions.” The requested changes would:

∫ Decrease the levels of pollutants to be discharged into the Ohio River;

∫ Change the locations where stormwater will be discharged; and

∫ Modify limits at an internal monitoring station that does not directly discharge to surface water.

Much like an air pollution permit hearing held Nov. 27, people may give comments regarding the wastewater permit during the meeting.

The draft modified permit can be read online at wwwapp.epa.ohio.gov/dsw/permits/Draft/0IF00018.pdf or at the Ohio EPA Southeast District Office, 2195 Front St., Logan, Ohio.

People may also give comments through Dec. 19 by mailing them to: Ohio EPA-DSW Permits Processing, P.O. Box 1049, Columbus, OH 43216-1049, or emailing them to epa.dswcomments@epa.ohio.gov. For details, call 740-385-8501.

About 100 people showed up to the Nov. 27 air pollution meeting with people speaking for and against the plant.

According to the Ohio EPA, the petrochemical facility would be permitted to discharge wastewater containing chemicals in varying amounts into some surrounding streams and the Ohio River.

Some of the chemicals mentioned in the permit include: mercury, chlorine, chloroform, toluene, benzene, carbon tetrachloride, acenaphythylene, acrylonitrile, anthracene, benzo fluoranthene, benzo-a-pyrene, chloroethane, chrysene, diethyl phthalate, ethylbenzene, fluoranthene, fluorene, hexchloroethane, methyl chloride, methylene chloride, nitrobenzene, phenanthrene, pyrene, tetrachloroethylene, dichloroethane, trichloroethane, benzo(a)anthracene, dichloroethane, trichlorobenzene, dichlorobenzene, chlorophenol, nitrophenol, dichlorophenol, dimethylphenol, dinitrotoluene, dinitrophenol, dinitrotoluene, nitrophenol, phenol, naphthalene, bis(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate, di-n-butylphthalate, vinyl chloride, trichloroethylene, hexachlorobenzene, hexachlorobutadiene, chlorobenzene, dichloropropylene and chromium.

The permit also mentions discharges of zinc, aluminum, copper, oil and grease.

While local officials await to learn PTT’s final decision on whether it will build the Belmont County cracker, construction of a similar facility still is underway in Monaca, Pennsylvania. Shell Chemical is building its $6 billion plant, which is expected to make 50 different plastic products for manufacturing.


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