House of Delegates kills Senate education reform package

CHARLESTON – With more than 100 teachers and school service personnel yelling on the other side of the chamber door and watching from the galleries, the House of Delegate killed the state Senate ‘s massive education reform package.

The House voted 53-45 Tuesday to postpone indefinitely any action on the senate amendment to Senate Bill 451, the education omnibus bill, which would have restored a limited number of education savings accounts and expanded the number of public charter schools.

The Senate amended SB 451 Monday after the house passed the bill last Thursday. The senate amendment returned the public charter school program from a pilot project to a permanent program. The senate restored language creating education savings accounts to the bill, dropping the number of first-come-first-serve accounts from 2,500 to 1,000.

The three major teachers and school service personnel unions announced a statewide strike that started Tuesday. School was canceled in every county in the state but Putnam County, though buses didn’t run and teachers picketed schools throughout the county.


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