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Acuity Specialty Hospital in Bellaire Will Remain Open

BELLAIRE — Acuity Healthcare will continue to provide services in the Belmont Community Hospital building, despite the main hospital’s impending closure.

Belmont Community Hospital, a division of Wheeling Hospital, is scheduled to close permanently on Friday. The 99-bed acute care hospital was acquired by Wheeling Hospital in 1996. Gregg Warren, hospital spokesman, said Belmont Community’s emergency room will stay open until noon Friday.

He noted, however, that Acuity Specialty Hospital of Ohio Valley, a long-term acute care facility, will remain open in the north section of the hospital where it has 15 patient beds.

“Wheeling Hospital will continue providing a staff of 25 employees for Acuity’s lab, X-ray, dietary, rehab and pharmacy needs. Acuity also has facilities within Wheeling Hospital and Weirton Medical Center,” Warren said.

Acuity leases space in the BCH building, located at 4697 Harrison St. Acuity officials said Wednesday that it “continues to provide the Belmont local community the same superior, quality care and services to their patients” at that site.

“Acuity Specialty Hospital Ohio Valley at Belmont has provided care to patients and families in Bellaire, Ohio, for nine years and continues to provide care in the community,” said Judy Weaver, vice president of clinical quality and chief clinical officer of Acuity Healthcare.

Weaver also serves as CEO of Acuity Specialty Hospital of Ohio Valley, which is a 72-bed long-term acute care hospital.

Its main provider campus is located on the second floor of the BCH building.

Acuity Specialty Hospital of Ohio Valley is owned in part by Acuity Healthcare and physician investors who may practice at the locations in Bellaire, Wheeling and Weirton.

Acuity Healthcare is an employee-owned, long-term acute care hospital company founded in 2001. Its headquarters is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Currently, Acuity Healthcare owns and manages three long-term acute care hospitals in New Jersey, Ohio and West Virginia.

Recently, Wheeling Hospital announced that it is expanding its health center in Bellaire and opening an ambulatory surgical center in Bridgeport.

“Bellaire and the surrounding area will not lose a lot of services. The Bellaire Health Center, a division Wheeling Hospital, provides: blood/lab work, X-rays, physical therapy, family physicians, cardiology, internal medicine, a public pharmacy, podiatry, EKG, plastic surgery and occupational therapy,” Warren said.

Warren said Belmont Community Health Center is being renamed and rebranded as Bellaire Health Center, a division of Wheeling Hospital. The center is located on Guernsey Street, behind Imperial Plaza. A drive-up window will be added at the pharmacy, he said.

In addition, Wheeling Hospital has purchased the former Compassionate Care Center for Surgical Excellence site in the Aetnaville area of Bridgeport, Warren said. The building, which has been vacant for two years, will become the Wheeling Hospital Ambulatory Surgical Center.

John DeBlasis, Wheeling Hospital vice president, said the surgical center is expected to open in August. Renovations and upgrades to the building are underway.

Two weeks ago, DeBlasis said discussions were ongoing concerning the fate of the BCH property. The hospital opened as Bellaire City Hospital in 1914.

Shelley Hanson contributed to this report.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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