Breaking: Wheeling City Council Votes 5-2 to Reinstate City Manager Robert Herron

Reinstated Wheeling City Manager Robert Herron apologizes to Wheeling City Council and the community during Tuesday’s council meeting.

WHEELING — City Council on Tuesday voted to reinstate Robert Herron as city manager.

Herron will resume his duties after he signs an agreement to be subjected to random alcohol testing, which was one of several stipulations council agreed would be required for him to return to his job.

The other stipulations include hiring an assistant city manager within 45 days and also paying for damage to the vehicle he wrecked in March, which led to his DUI arrest and subsequent plea of guilty on Monday.

Voting against Herron’s return were councilwomen Wendy Scatterday and Melina Koslik.

Herron addressed council at the meeting’s start, apologizing for his actions and noting he had gone through a rehabilitation program in Pittsburgh.

Several Wheeling business leaders spoke on Herron’s behalf including Wheeling attorneys Robert Fitzsimmons and Greg McDermott; John Culler; Rich Lucas with Main Street Bank; Tim Roberts; and former Wheeling mayor Andy McKenzie.


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