Slideshow: 2019 Ohio County Stifel Award Winners, by Class

Woodsdale, 5th grade
Wheeling Park, seniors
Wheeling Park, juniors
Wheeling Park, sophomores
Wheeling Park, freshmen
Wheeling Middle, 8th grade
Wheeling Middle, 7th grade
Wheeling Middle, 6th grade
Triadelphia Middle, 6th grade
Triadelphia Middle. 7th grade
Triadelphia Middle, 8th grade
Warwood, 5th grade
Warwood, 6th grade
Warwood, 7th grade
Warwood, 8th grade
West Liberty, 5th grade
Steenrod, 5th grade
Ritchie, 5th grade
Middle Creek, 5th grade
Madison, 5th grade
Elm Grove, 5th grade
Bridge Street, 8th grade
Bridge Street, 7th grade
Bridge Street, 6th grade
Bethlehem, 5th grade


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