Investigation Continues Into Wheeling Officer Who Shot Dog

WHEELING — An internal investigation into an incident in which a Wheeling police officer shot and killed a resident’s dog earlier this month is ongoing, the Wheeling Police Department said Friday.

Meanwhile, the officer who suffered injuries from dog bites on his hands and other areas is “recovering well,”î spokesman Philip Stahl said.

The department declined to provide The Intelligencer with video from the officer’s body camera during the incident and wouldn’t confirm whether such a video exists.

“The case is still part of an ongoing internal investigation. We don’t release anything under active investigation,î” Stahl said.

The dog’s owner, Kathy Ashby, said Friday that she hasn’t heard from the department and wasn’t given an explanation of the incident.

“It’d be nice if they do something,”î Ashby said. “To me, all my dog did was protect his home. I’m waiting to see if they say “anything.”î

The unidentified officer shot and killed the dog on the evening of July 10 at a North Wheeling home after the dog attacked him.

According to police, the officer approached the house as part of a search of the Henderson Street area for a domestic violence incident. The officer heard the dog barking inside, placed his hand on the door to hold it shut and then the dog owner’s 15-year-old daughter answered the door, police said.

After the daughter opened the door by about six inches, the dog ran outside and lunged at and attacked the officer, biting him in “multiple areas”î including both hands, according to WPD. The officer then shot the dog.

“The officer made multiple attempts to calm the dog,” according to a WPD press release. “However, concerned for his safety and trying to protect himself, the officer shot the dog.”

Ashby previously said she was inside her home during the incident and didn’t witness what happened.


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