Marble King Heading to White House

Marble King was selected to represent West Virginia at the Made In America Product Showcase at the White House. Shown is Beri Fox, president and CEO of Marble King.

A Paden City business will represent West Virginia at the nation’s capitol, joining others as part of the Made In America Product Showcase.

Marble King Inc. was selected to participate in the third annual showcase at the White House, which begins today on the south lawn and continues through the week. Beri Fox, president and CEO of Marble King, was enthusiastic about her business being selected.

“It’s an honor to be asked to attend,” Fox said. “Everyone at Marble King is very excited with the opportunity to have our Marbles featured. … We look forward to introducing our marbles to representatives from all 50 states.”

During the event, Beri said they will be able to hold a live demonstration on their Facebook page. Beri and one other representative will be making the trip.

A press release from the White House said they were happy to play host to businesses from across the country.

“In today’s booming economy, President (Donald) Trump and his administration are proud to tout businesses that create jobs and support our local communities,” the release stated.

Marble King currently also maintains an exhibit of the business’ history and products at the Grave Creek Mound Historical site in Moundsville.


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