Ohio County Schools Increase Energy Efficiency

The result is saving Ohio County taxpayers money

The result is saving Ohio County taxpayers money

WHEELING — Efforts to improve energy efficiency throughout Ohio County Schools are resulting in substantial savings for taxpayers.

School system Treasurer Steven Bieniek on Monday said the recent installation of energy-efficient lighting has resulted in savings of $55,233 over the course of just several months. He noted that Ohio County Schools received an additional $88,765 in rebates from electric companies by making the energy-efficiency improvements.

Ohio County Schools Operations Director Brian Harto said the school system is working with CMTA Energy Solutions in making the improvements. He said the lights were installed during the school system’s summer break at Wheeling Park High School, Elm Grove Elementary School and Middle Creek Elementary School. Harto noted that the energy-efficiency upgrades will continue in all Ohio County Schools facilities.

Harto said Ohio County Schools is working to improve efficiency and save costs in other areas as well. He said improvements to the school system’s water and sewer systems, operations and maintenance and utilization of natural gas are being implemented.

Harto said those enhancements will result in additional saving and further rebates.

“Ohio County Schools is doing all it can to make sure the facilities are operating as smoothly as possible,” he said. “It’s a win-win. We are saving tax-payer dollars, and its environmentally friendly. We also want our students and staff members to learn and work in a comfortable environment that’s conducive to education.”


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