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City of Wheeling Halts Ohio Valley Medical Center Auction; May Be Interest from Third Party

City Mulls Deals With Various Third Parties

File Photo by Scott McCloskey The former Ohio Valley Medical Center property is seen in downtown Wheeling.

WHEELING — Officials on Friday halted the auction of items from the former Ohio Valley Medical Center as the city considers deals from “various third parties” for space in the property and use of its contents.

The online auction of 369 individual lots had been scheduled to conclude at 10 a.m. Monday.

“We have been in discussions with various third parties who are interested in acquiring various portions of the OVMC campus for future development,” Mayor Glenn Elliott said Friday. “One of these entities has indicated that it would have an interest in much of the equipment and furniture that has been subject to the auction.

“As a result, we are delaying the auction pending further discussions in this regard. Our primary goal here is to return as much of the OVMC campus as we can to the private sector.”

Elliott referred all additional comments to City Manager Robert Herron, who did not immediately return calls Friday.

A statement on the Frio Auction Services website states, “The OVMC Auction has been cancelled at the request of the City of Wheeling (seller). Any questions should be referred to the Office of the City Manager.”

The online auction began Oct. 1, and online bids had been submitted for many of the items. The resulting issues were being addressed by the city on Friday, Frio said.

The city had been looking to auction off 20 hospital beds and transports, cafeteria and restaurant equipment, and waiting room furniture and assorted other items from the former OVMC, which closed more than a year ago.

Two other online auctions of OVMC items had been set to follow.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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