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COVID Protections Still In Place In Ohio County Schools

File Photo by Joselyn King Ohio County Schools Director of Operations David Crumm addresses board of education members in May regarding improvements at Triadelphia Middle School and Steenrod Elementary School.

WHEELING – When students in Ohio County Schools return to school next month, there will still be hand sanitizing stations, plexiglass partitions and available masks to wear if needed.

The remnants of a year filled with COVID-19 concerns aren’t going away soon, and Ohio County Schools is awaiting word from state officials as to how to next proceed, according to David Crumm, operations director for the school district.

“The plexiglass in the cafeterias are still there,” he said. “The most recent direction from the governor, at this point, is that he is not requiring masks. There have been no final decisions.

“It (the start of school) is still too far away,” Crumm added. “We will still have hand sanitizing stations in place. We will continue to do what we can to make sure students and staff are safe.”

The Ohio County Schools maintenance crew has been working in recent weeks to clean, paint and make ready all school facilities by the time students return to the classrooms. The first day of school for students in Ohio County is Aug. 25.

Crumm said there has been “a lot of good stuff happening over the summer.” Workers have done a lot of painting, and no building in the school district hasn’t been touched, he said.

Bridge Street Middle School underwent a major renovation during the past year, and the final touch was the asphalting of its parking lot, according to Crumm.

Additional blacktop will be poured at the school district’s operations center in Fulton, he said. There has been patching in the lots at other schools. Workers also painted the gymnasium at West Liberty Elementary, and did some preventative maintenance on heating, ventilation and air conditioning in the schools.

One of the bigger projects involved moving the alternative learning center classroom from the Hazel Atlas Center to the annex at Triadelphia Middle School, according to Crumm.

Carpeting in the schools also has been cleaned over the summer, he said.

“We have fantastic crews, and they’ve worked hard throughout the summer to get the buildings in shape for the next school year,” Crumm said.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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