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Temporary Waterlines Installed on Main Street in Wheeling

Photo by Scott McCloskey A temporary waterline is being installed in the 1500 block of Main Street as part of the city’s nearly year-long water line replacement project.

WHEELING — Temporary waterline service is being installed in two-block intervals along downtown Wheeling’s Main Street, part of the nearly year-long waterline replacement project that began in the area earlier this year.

Crews with Pro Contracting Incorporated of Lost Creek, are installing temporary 6-inch water lines to provide continued water service to businesses and other buildings along Main Street in the coming months. The crews are replacing a 20-inch water line more than a century old with 16-inch lines beneath the street, according to Wheeling Public Works Director Russell “Rusty” Jebbia.

Crews began the project along 16th Street back in March before making their way up Market Street. Jebbia said the city didn’t have to install a temporary waterline during the project’s Market Street phase because the waterline was installed in a different location beneath the street than the old lines.

“That’s a temporary line to provide service while they put the new line in,” Jebbia explained. “That line (on Main Street) is going in the exact same place, versus the Market Street line which didn’t go in the same place.”

He said this is one of the ongoing infrastructure projects the City of Wheeling is currently working on ahead of the city’s streetscape project.

“The water line project — that was the main project we wanted to get done and get in before they start the streetscape (project),” Jebbia said.

Parking meters are expected to be bagged for “no parking” in the areas of ongoing construction while crews work in two-block intervals along Main Street, according to Pro Contracting officials and Jebbia. Motorists should expect lane changes around the construction area in the coming months.

The work is scheduled to take place weekly from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday, with Friday being used as an inclement weather day, through February 2022.


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