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Artisan Center Opens Second Location at Oglebay Park Today

Photo Provided Wheeling Heritage is opening a second Artisan Center location inside the Carriage House Museum at Oglebay Park.

WHEELING — Wheeling Heritage will open a second Artisan Center location today at Oglebay Park.

“The Artisan Center Shop At Oglebay” will be located in the center of the Carriage House Glass Museum in the gardens at Oglebay Park.

The location will be a smaller version of the Artisan Center located in downtown Wheeling, but will still offer many of the same items found there produced by regional artists, explained Alexandra Panas, communications and development manager for Wheeling Heritage.

As the new Artisan Center will be located within the glass museum building, its emphasis will be on glassware, she said. The Artisan Shop will offer products from Blenko Glass Company, Aaron Anslow, Ron Hinkle Glass, Lambros Pottery and several others.

There will also be art prints and apparel for sale crafted from local artists at various price points.

“Oglebay approached us about having a location there when they had a vacancy, and we jumped at the opportunity,” Panas said. “Part of our mission is to provide a platform for local artisans to sell goods. We couldn’t pass it up.”

Wheeling Heritage has hired Jennifer Perks to manage both Artisan Center locations, and the organization will have its own employees and check out within its space.

“We’re glad to offer things at various price points,” Panas said. “Not everyone wants an elaborate piece of glass, but maybe they do want a sticker on a T-shirt showing they’ve been to Wheeling. And it’s something made by a regional artist.”

Oglebay’s plan is to also bring in other vendors in the coming months, she said.

Employees at the Artisan Center Shop At Oglebay have been busy in recent days setting up their store, and it will be open for sales on Monday.

“The Artisan Center Shop has been a great asset for Wheeling as a space to showcase the region’s makers,” said Walker Holloway, chair of the Wheeling Heritage board of directors. “We’re excited to partner with Oglebay to expand the reach of the shop to both residents and tourists.”

The Carriage House is a center attraction in The Hilltop area of Oglebay Park, and the addition of The Artisan Center Shop will showcase the talents of West Virginia artisans to park patrons and resort guests, said Bob Peckenpaugh, president and CEO of Oglebay Park.

“Our goal has been to reimagine this space with local products that will create memories for those that shop with us,” he said. “We welcome the team from Wheeling Heritage as our first partner in this space, and we look forward to expanding the offerings throughout the year.”

The shop will be open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. seven days a week, and shopping can also be done 24 hours a day online at artisancenter.com.

“It’s just fun good news for our organization and Oglebay,” Panas said. “We’re now glad we can talk about it and people can go shop now.”


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