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Warwood School Moves 7th Grade to Remote Learning

Warwood School (Photo Provided)

WHEELING – Warwood School will move its seventh grade students to remote learning starting today and those students will stay remote until Sept. 27.

The school posted that announcement on its website Wednesday. Principal Joey Subasic said school officials, Ohio County Schools and the Wheeling-Ohio County Health Department came together to make the decision.

“There are a few different criteria needed to make this shift and, as of today, our 7th grade was the only grade level that matched the criteria,” the announcement read. “While students are remote, we will do our best to meet their educational needs. Staff members will be available during the day for remote learning opportunities and a schedule will follow this call.”

According to the Ohio County Schools COVID-19 dashboard, Warwood is one of two schools in the county dealing with double-digit confirmed positive COVID cases. The school has 19 cases, second only to Wheeling Park High School’s 26, according to the dashboard. No other school in the county has more than eight.

The increase in cases throughout the district has been a concern. Board of education members voted Monday to mandate masks for everyone inside OCS buildings, and will revisit that mandate after a month.

“We understand this is very difficult for our families and we appreciate your patience and understanding,” the announcement read.

Parents were asked to make sure their seventh-graders check Schoology regularly for their work. They can call Warwood’s middle school office with any questions. Parents also were asked to monitor their children’s health and, if they develop symptoms, immediately isolate them from other family members and call their health care provider.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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