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Cameron Elementary Student Wins Big in Vaccine Lottery

CAMERON — Fifth grader Khloe Thayer took the individual grand prize of a $50,000 Educational Savings Fund in last week’s “Do It for Babydog” vaccination sweepstakes.

Thayer, who attends Cameron Elementary, was one of two Marshall County residents to be selected to win one of the top prizes of Gov. Jim Justice’s sweepstakes.

Lakkin Albaugh, a recent graduate of John Marshall High School, was also awarded a $10,000 educational savings fund through the same program.

Additionally, Angelina Messina was one of 100 other winners who received a lifetime hunting and fishing license.

Thayer’s mother, Courtney, said she was completely surprised to have gotten the phone call notifying her of the win, which came from assistant lottery director Randy Burnside.

“I was absolutely shocked when he called me,” Courtney Thayer said. “When I answered, … he said ‘Your daughter just won the $50,000 grand prize from Babydog,’ and all I could say was, ‘What?!'”

Khloe Thayer said she felt “great” about having won the savings fund. While college is still many years away, as of Friday, Khloe said she hopes to be a veterinarian or a teacher when she grows up.

“She’s got about eight more years, but it’s definitely going to grow, so we won’t have to worry about that for her down the road,” Courtney Thayer said.

Late last month, Cameron Elementary itself received a visit from Justice and Babydog, who brought with them a $50,000 check as the school was selected as the grand prize winner for the school side of the sweepstakes.

Marshall County Schools Superintendent Shelby Haines and Principal Wendy Clutter were on hand to accept the oversized check, which was in the shape of a dog bone.

Haines said Marshall County Schools already has set aside money for tutoring and one-to-one iPads for students, so she was allowing Clutter to decide the best way to spend the money at Cameron Elementary School.

Clutter said she plans to put the funds toward cultural enrichment for the students, and an expansion of the school’s summer programming at Grand Vue Park.

On Friday, Haines congratulated Thayer on her win, and said that it’s been a great week for Marshall County’s students and schools, with the recent wins.

“This money will be a great support to (Thayer) and her family as she continues her education after high school,” Haines said.


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