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Processing Issues Delay Many Direct Deposits

WHEELING — People around Wheeling might have looked in their bank accounts the last couple of days and not seen the direct-deposit paychecks they had anticipated.

Processing issues were the culprit and the problem should have been corrected by the end of business Thursday.

Sarah Tisher of Main Street Bank said the issue wasn’t sequestered to any one particular bank. Several dealt with the problem, which she said originated from the processing company that many of the banks in the area use.

“What happened was that their overnight file (Nov. 30) didn’t go out, so a whole bunch of people didn’t get paid (Wednesday) morning,” she said. “And then they were rushing to fix it yesterday, and the overnight file from (Wednesday) night didn’t get pulled in time.”

Tisher said most of the accounts had been corrected by Thursday afternoon and all corrections should have been finished by Thursday evening. John Iannone, senior vice president of investor and public relations at Wesbanco, confirmed the processing company issues and that those issues should have been fixed by Thursday evening.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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