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Residents’ Opinions Mixed On Voting Rights

Photo by Shelley Hanson Enjoying lunch at McDonald’s in Elm Grove are, from left, Wheeling residents Shirley Jacob, Rosalia Thorn and Julie Thorn. The trio believes people should be required to show some sort of identification to vote in an election.

WHEELING — Some Wheeling area residents expressed mixed views regarding voting in general when asked about federal voting rights legislation being mulled in the United States Senate this week.

While enjoying their lunches at an Elm Grove eatery, some people said they have stopped voting altogether, while another said he trusts his United States senator to do the right thing for his state.

Still others noted that discouraging voter fraud is important to them.

Barbara McKennen of Wheeling said she has not paid much attention to news related to the voting rights bill.

“It’s probably a big deal, but I’m so sick of politics,” McKennen said.

Wheeling resident Rosalia Thorn said she believes voters should be required to show some sort of identification to vote in an election.

“I think you should have to have an ID,” Thorn said.

Thorn’s daughter, Julie Thorn, agreed.

Shirley Jacob of Wheeling also agreed with Thorn, noting she has heard of votes being cast by people who had passed away.

“I don’t think we should vote by mail. It’s slow and I think they need to see people in person,” Jacob added. “We should only vote in person on that day.”

Thorn said she agreed that people should get the day off to vote, and believes that was a common practice many years ago.

Wheeling resident Calvin Merinar said he’s been “somewhat” following the voting rights bill debates. However, he believes Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., will likely guide his state in the right direction concerning this issue as with others.

“I trust Joe Manchin and what he decides,” Merinar said. “He supports West Virginia and what they need. I think he will support what West Virginia wants in general.”

Merinar added if Manchin went too far off course, he would disagree with him.

“He has good judgment. They need him in the Senate, too,” he said.

Kaden Vohid, a New York state resident who is working locally to relocate power lines in Wheeling for American Electric Power, said he quit voting a few years ago.

“I feel the electoral college does not accurately represent what I do,” Vohid said.


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