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Bryan Braunlich Departing As Executive Director Of Wheeling Symphony Orchestra

Bryan Braunlich

After five years with the Wheeling Symphony Orchestra, and serving as the organization’s executive director since 2021, Bryan Braunlich is stepping down from the job and heading to the bright lights of Los Angeles.

The WSO announced Tuesday that Braunlich will soon become the executive director of the National Association of Movie Theatre Owners Cinema Foundation.

“I want to thank the WSO Board of Directors for the opportunity to have served as its executive director,” Braunlich said. “I am saddened to leave the WSO during this electrifying and exciting time for the orchestra. I am confident that the WSO team will continue to foster Maestro (John) Devlin’s artistic vision and grow the community’s support of Wheeling’s greatest cultural treasure. Looking ahead, I’m excited about this amazing opportunity for me as The Cinema Foundation’s inaugural Executive Director serving its mission of advancing the moviegoing experience.”

WSO’s Board of Directors has established a search committee to begin the work of selecting the organization’s next executive director.

Braunlich joined Wheeling Symphony Orchestra as marketing and communications director in 2017 and transitioned into the role of general manager in 2018. In February of 2021, he became the organization’s executive director. During his tenure, Bryan has helped usher in a new branding and marketing plan through the Board of Directors and staff, developed and enhanced new programming and a chamber music series, built new important strategic partnerships with complementary partners, and helped improve and stabilize operations, financial, and organizational processes, among many other accomplishments.

“I will be forever grateful to Bryan for his exceptional partnership over the past three years,” said Maestro John Devlin, WSO’s music director. “He leaves the WSO on solid footing as we enter into an incredible 2022-23 season. I know that everyone at WSO joins me in wishing Bryan the very best for his next chapter.”

“Together with Maestro Devlin, Bryan kept the WSO committed to its mission and artistic priorities and served our staff, musicians, patrons, and community partners during a time of overwhelming uncertainty,” said Roanne Burech, President of the Wheeling Symphony Orchestra’s Board of Directors. “This was no easy task. We will build on Bryan’s successes as we begin our next chapter with new leadership alongside Maestro Devlin. On behalf of our Board, I thank Bryan and wish him all good things in LA.”


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