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John Marshall Class of 2022 Told To Keep Eyes, Ears, Options Open

photo by: Photo by Alan Olson

Members of the 2022 John Marshall High School graduating class gather for their commencement Thursday at Monarch Stadium in Moundsville.

MOUNDSVILLE – Members of John Marshall High School’s 2022 graduating class were addressed Thursday evening by a Class of 1975 alum, television producer Chip Vucelich, who drew from his own experience after graduation to advise that students keep their heads on a swivel, and an open mind toward their options.

Vucelich, who produced two seasons of “American Horror Story,” among several other Hollywood projects, told the assembled students that after graduating from John Marshall, he had gone on to get a two-year degree in business administration, which he described as having “no idea what it meant.”

After another year of studying accounting without success, Vucelich said he was struck with inspiration to go into film and TV, where he was guided toward a book by author and screenwriter William Goldman, who Vucelich attempted to paraphrase as “In Hollywood, nobody knows nothing about nothing.”

“If that’s the impossible task I have to face, why not? So I ended up as a television producer. That was not on the list I made for myself,” Vucelich told the graduates. “You will end up asking yourself, ‘Why not me?’ You will end up in a profession, something you call a career. … You will discover something else – a calling, what you want to do with your life, your purpose.”

Vucelich drew upon recent events, surmising that Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy likely did not anticipate someday that his life’s trajectory would lead him to the forefront of war as head of state when he became a comedian.

“Do you think Volodymyr Zelenskyy thinks that was his calling, being a comedian, what he was born to do? Now, he’s on the world stage being challenged like no other leader has been in modern times, being compared to Winston Churchill,” he said. “And to think some laughed when Ukraine elected a comedian as president. I imagine he thought to himself, ‘Why not me?'”

A total of 202 JMHS seniors graduated Thursday evening, with the ceremony held at Monarch Stadium. Parents, friends and family filled the bleachers while students assembled on the new turf. The top 1% students recognized Thursday were Trixie Calissie, Benjamin McCardle, and Jackson Thomas.


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