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Weslowski Wins Men’s 5K After Running Boston

photo by: Photo by Cody Tomer

Wheeling native Jeffrey Wesolowski crosses the finish line to win the 5K Twin Pops Run for Health on Saturday on Main Street.

WHEELING — Just over a month ago Wheeling native Jeffrey Wesolowski showcased his talents in the Boston Marathon.

On Saturday, he decided to display those skills in his hometown as he blazed around the 3.1-mile Wheeling course to win the 5K Twin Pops Run for Health.

Wesolowski crossed the finish line on Main Street in a time of 16:34 to take home the gold, a feat that he knew he could achieve.

“Only six weeks ago I was running the Boston Marathon,” Wesolowski said. “After that I took about a week-and-a-half off from running and started getting ready for this. I was hoping for a time of sub-17:00 and 16:45 was my goal.”

Wesolowski turned in a time of 2:45.30 in the Boston Marathon, which prepared him for his hometown dominance.

He beat his goal by 11 seconds thanks to a great game plan heading into the race.

“I kind of knew what pace I wanted to hit for each mile,” Wesolowski said. “I was just kind of following that. The first two guys went out kind of hard and I feel like they started running out of gas and about a mile in I started to catch up to them. About a half-mile or two miles in is when I made the pass for second place and not long after that I made the pass for the lead. In the last mile, I kind of picked it up a little bit and was able to just keep it in gear from there.”

This is Wesolowski’s third time taking on the Wheeling course but never had he been this focused and prepared for the gauntlet that awaited him.

“I ran it competitively in 2018,” Wesolowski said. “In 2019, I just kind of jogged around the course but I decided to come back and do it again this year and I’m glad that I did.”

Rounding out the top 10 in the men’s division were Dominic Sambuco (17:20) of Venetia, Pennsylvania, Cedric Robinson (17:42) of Martins Ferry, Austin Semerar (21:11) of Dallas, W.Va., Quintin Thomas (21:16) of Wheeling, Michael Borsuk (21:19) of Wheeling, Vince Walick (22:06) of Morgantown, Dominic Lawrence (22:06) of Wheeling, Noah Beckett (22:20) of Wheeling, and Robert Kirker (22:28) of Canonsburg, Pennsylvania.


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