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Crestview Rebels Head coach: Amie Cope

Welcome to the OVAC Crestview High School!

The Rebels of Crestview joined the OVAC in December and were invited to take part in the competition and are now embarking on their first ever cheering competition in school history.

“We are excited to take part in this event,” Crestview coach Amie Cope said. “We have been very thankful for all of the encouragement from the tournament directors in this new endeavor for our school.”

Cope was named the high school coach at Crestview during basketball season and is also the middle school cheer coach for football and basketball.

“I have coached our youth program for the last four years,” Cope said. “I was an assistant this past football season, and I am looking forward to moving into the head coaching role next football season as well.”

Cope is coaching the Rebels without any assistant coaches or choreographers, and the routine was put together by the Rebels themselves.

“The team members took it upon themselves to make up our routine,” Cope said. “Since this is our school’s first competition, we are simply hoping to put together a respectable routine. Our routine consists of a cheer, chant and dance. We only have one tumbler on our team, so we hope to highlight our dancing.”

The Crestview cheer team includes Mckalie Stickney, Kayla Butts, Elizabeth Farmer, Madison Dallies, Abigail Whaley, Sara Kauffman, Leigha Anderson, Sheridan Ball, Lily Marr, Allison Beight and Alexa Bregar.

“We are anxious to see the other schools compete and learn how we need to grow as a team,” Cope said.

“The girls have taken a great deal of pride in coming up with and practicing this routine in the past several weeks. We are looking forward to meeting the other schools in the OVAC and forging new relationships.”


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