Many Voters Not Informed on Coal

West Virginians were reminded Tuesday night of why, when it comes to defending reasonably priced electricity, we fight virtually alone. Few other Americans seem to be aware of how President Barack Obama’s war on coal affects them.

During proceedings Tuesday night at the Republican National Convention, Sen. Shelley Capito, R-W.Va., delivered one of just four addresses billed by the GOP as “headliners.”

Obviously, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and party officials believed Capito had something important to say. Judging by their reaction to her, convention delegates agreed.

But millions of Americans watching the convention on television missed most of Capito’s speech. Reportedly, most cable and broadcast networks covering the event aired little of the Mountain State senator’s comments. “Analysis” by their talking-head stars and/or commercials filled much of the air time while Capito was speaking.

With all due respect to others at the convention, what Capito had to say was more important than much of what did merit television coverage. She attempted to shine a spotlight on what Obama’s administration is costing each and every American. Federal regulations take thousands of dollars from every family each year, she pointed out.

Obama’s war on coal and reasonably priced electricity already is driving utility bills up in some states. The dirty big secret of his climate change agenda is that it is forcing power companies to close coal-fired generating plants by the scores. They switch to higher-priced natural gas as a fuel or, preferably to liberals, “alternative” sources such as solar or wind power that cost much more, both directly and through billions of dollars a year in taxpayer subsidies.

West Virginians and East Ohioans know all that. Most Americans affected by the shift seem unconcerned because they are not aware of the policy’s effect on them. National news media outlets are not telling them. And, when people such as Capito try to deliver the message, they are ignored either actively or passively.

That is bad enough. Worse is that when there is coverage of Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s energy policy, many in the national media seem to take her at her word — as worthless as that has been demonstrated to be. Instead of analyzing what she intends to do, which is to intensify Obama’s anti-coal campaign, many journalists with national audiences focus on her claim she has a $30 billion plan to help laid-off coal miners.

This is not informing Americans, not telling them all they need to know. Unless that changes before the election in November, many voters will cast ballots in ignorance of an issue that will cost them dearly in the near future.


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