W.Va. Important To Trump, GOP

Any West Virginians who questioned whether the Republican Party and its candidate for president, Donald Trump, are serious about helping us got some answers this week.

Trump has visited our state and promised to put our coal miners back to work. He has vowed to rescind the executive orders President Barack Obama has used to harm the Mountain State so badly.

But promises are easy to make. As West Virginians are well aware, they are easy for politicians to forget.

Well, GOP officials and Trump, who has had much to say about how the party’s convention in Cleveland operates, are making it plain they do not intend to forget about us.

∫ West Virginia’s delegation to the Republican meeting was given a prime seating location on the convention hall floor.

∫ Sen. Shelley Capito, R-W.Va., is one of just four convention speakers touted by the party as giving “headliner” addresses tonight.

∫ Finally, as we reported, convention planners have arranged things with the intent of giving the Mountain State delegation’s votes the honor of putting Trump “over the top” for the nomination tonight.

Little things? Not really. All three are important signals being sent by Trump and the GOP. They are a message that West Virginians matter and that if elected, Trump plans to keep his promises. They are, in short, music to Mountain State ears.


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