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The Intelligencer Firm in Service

Our culture has changed dramatically during recent years. Self-driving cars have become a reality. Supermarket produce shelves display fruits and vegetables we didn’t know existed until we saw them. The past year in politics has been unsettling for many.

We at The Intelligencer have changed, too. Our newspaper has a new website. We have continued to improve how we get and report the news. Changes in newspaper technology occur regularly.

But today, as we at The Intelligencer celebrate our 164th birthday, the foundation of what we do has not changed since the first edition of the newspaper hit the streets on Aug. 24, 1852.

Our mission was made clear that day, when our predecessors proclaimed in The Intelligencer that, “All that the people require in order to arrive at proper conclusions is light and information.” That has not changed, though the amount of information bombarding people in our communities has exploded.

Now more than ever, The Intelligencer strives to be the reliable, accurate provider of information for our readers. The so-called “Information Age” often resembles one of those many-faceted, revolving balls once popular at entertainment venues. There is light, lots of it, radiating in all directions. It is enough to make a viewer dizzy.

Our mission is to focus the light of information on what is important and interesting to our readers. No other medium does it as well. No other medium brings the level of resources we employ to keep readers informed.

At the same time, The Intelligencer provides leadership on our editorial pages. We feel no obligation to any political party or faction or to any individual politician or special interest.

Our responsibility is to you, our readers and to the betterment of our communities, our states, our nation and the world around us.

The reasoning for that is simple: These are our communities, too. We live here, raise our children here, and want nothing but the best for them and our grandchildren.

Our roots both as newspaper women and men and as a newspaper are deep. Our dedication is as firm and unchanging as it was for those who founded The Intelligencer.

Today, then, we hope you will join us in both embracing change and celebrating one tradition — that of service by The Intelligencer.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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