Clinton Wrong On Critical Concerns

It has become more apparent than ever that on issues that worry most Americans, presidential candidate Donald Trump is right and Hillary Clinton is wrong.

Consider just three issues:

Immigration: Trump intends to deport about two million illegal immigrants with criminal histories. He intends to upgrade security at our nation’s borders to keep more people from entering illegally.

Clinton has no plan for better border security. She wants to fast-track about 11 million people here illegally toward full citizenship.

National defense: Trump wants to rebuild the military, with special emphasis on the Navy and on ground forces trained and equipped to do battle with terrorist groups. At the same time, he wants to reduce our military commitments abroad drastically. Why should Americans pay in money and blood to defend other nations that will not shoulder a fair share of their own security?

Clinton would allow the military to continue to deteriorate. If her record is any indication, our fighting men and women would face more, not fewer, foreign entanglements.

Trade: Trump wants to scrap trade agreements that put American workers at a disadvantage and demand a better deal on future pacts.

Clinton has made it clear that what Wall Street wants, the big money crowd will get — even at the cost of American jobs.

One really need not delve too deeply into the position papers to understand where Clinton stands, of course. She has made no secret of it: She plans to be President Barack Obama’s “third term.”


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