Pitting Ohio Voters Against Each Other

Hillary Clinton and her celebrity supporters, including President Barack Obama, may be able to pull the wool over the eyes of some Ohioans. Not those in this area of the state, however.

Clinton plans to campaign again in the Buckeye State, following up on previous visits and appearances by Obama and others.

Their interest is because it is apparent Ohio will play a key role in the presidential election. It is one of a handful of swing states that could go for either Clinton or Donald Trump.

Clinton’s base of support in Ohio is in the big urban areas, not out here in the hinterlands where her anti-coal, anti-drilling policies hurt people most.

She makes no secret of her strategy. Months ago, in telling supporters she wants massive new taxes on fossil fuel producers and consumers, Clinton said one purpose for the revenue collected would be to send more federal money to big cities.

She asserts she will help those hurt by her campaign against fossil fuels. Will she keep that promise as her husband kept one to Ohio Valley steelworkers — not at all?

Pitting rural Ohioans against urban dwellers is part of Clinton’s master plan. But all have one thing in common: None has any reason to believe a word she says.


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