Compromise Is Possible on Wall

As usual when they are refusing to engage in even a tiny bit of compromise, liberals in Congress are playing the “government shutdown” card. Perhaps it is time to take that one out of the deck.

Unless Congress approves a $1 trillion spending bill this week, the government officially will run out of money on Saturday. Liberal lawmakers are blaming President Donald Trump for delays in approving the measure.

Trump wants Congress to provide some money — as much as $1 billion — to begin construction of “the wall” along our southern border. That would prevent some illegal immigrants, including those carrying illegal drugs, from entering the country.

Democrat leaders in both the Senate and House of Representatives say there is no way they will approve the funding. They claim that somehow puts the onus of a “government shutdown” Saturday on Trump.

It does not. Through one of his top aides, Trump has signaled he is willing to compromise. Inclusion of even enough money to begin planning the wall would satisfy the White House.

That is not what the liberals are telling you, is it?

But telling the truth would not score the political points for which they are aiming, would it?

If there is a “government shutdown,” it will be Democrats, not the president, who are to blame.


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