Only ‘Pact’ Was One With Obama

Perhaps the most blatant bit of “fake news” making the rounds these days is a single word: “pact.” It is being used in reference to the Paris Climate Accords.

President Donald Trump says he does not intend for the United States to comply with the agreement in Paris, signed by representatives of 197 countries.

But as we have reported, about one-fourth of the signatory nations have not ratified the agreement. Some of those who have, including big polluter India, have attached conditions that virtually ensure they will not meet the accords’ targets for limiting carbon emissions.

But here in the United States, the Paris agreement is being referred to as a pact. That simply is not true.

The agreement amounts to a treaty. In our country, the U.S. Senate is required to approve treaties — and that has not happened.

Agreements in Paris were approved by only one man, former President Barack Obama. Knowing the Senate would reject the accords, he never submitted them for ratification.

In reality, then, Trump’s decision does not cancel a U.S. national policy — not even a real promise to consider one. There was and is no “pact” to be rejected.


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