Paris Agreement Was Bad for Nation

Some critics of President Donald Trump’s decision to pull the United States out of the Paris agreement on climate change sound much as if they are rubbing in former President Barack Obama’s success in the war against coal. Failure to comply with the Paris accords won’t bring back many miners’ jobs, they say.

That is true enough. Obama’s assault was so concentrated that many of the mines it closed are gone for good.

But those who point that out are engaged in misdirection. Saving miners’ jobs, though part of Trump’s reasoning, is far from the only reason for U.S. officials to reject the Paris agreement.

Complying with it while some of the biggest carbon emitters in the world use its loopholes to go back on their own promises would have put the United States economy at a terrible disadvantage. Sticking with the Paris non-deal could have cost millions of American jobs. Tens of millions of families would have paid much more for electricity.

Paris wasn’t just bad for coal miners. It was bad for most Americans.

Trump has said he is willing to negotiate a better deal that also will help fight global warming. Good. But this time, let us not allow radical environmentalists to claim mistakes will be harmful only to a few coal miners.


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