The Intelligencer Firm in Our Ideals

Celebrating a birthday often is a time of eager anticipation of the future. So it is with us at The Intelligencer, as we celebrate the newspaper’s 165th birthday today.

We look back on The Intelligencer’s rich history with pride. In both good times and bad, we and our predecessors at the newspaper have endeavored to be agents of beneficial change. The Intelligencer played a key role in the creation of our beloved state of West Virginia.

Our anticipation of the future is based in large measure on our determination to uphold ideals that have guided The Intelligencer from its very first edition, in which we adopted the philosophy that, “All that the people require in order to arrive at proper conclusions is light and information.”

That is as true today as it was on Aug. 24, 1852, when the newspaper’s first edition hit the streets.

We believe that fundamentally, journalism is not a craft that should be affected by prevailing winds of social, political or economic change. Unbiased, accurate coverage of the news, with reporting not slanted to promote any agenda but the truth, remains the key.

We strive to provide that day in and day out as our reporters and editors produce the most comprehensive, reliable chronicle of important and interesting local events, people and issues available. No one else comes even close to our success in doing that.

Serving our area — we live here, too — is the mission at the heart of everything we do.

In addition to informing our readers, we recognize a responsibility to provide leadership through editorials and commentary. We owe no allegiance to any faction, special interest, political party or individual politician. Our loyalty is to you as residents of our area, our states and our nation.

As we have noted in the past, we at The Intelligencer have never considered ourselves to be part of “the media.” Instead, we view ourselves as your local newspaper.

We take pride in that. We enjoy serving you, our readers, and our communities in general through The Intelligencer.

Birthdays are a time to celebrate, and we hope you will join us as we wish ourselves a “happy birthday” — with many more years of community journalism to come.


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