Probe Clinton Link To Uranium Deal

If you believe those linked to the 2010 deal in which a Russian company gained control of one-fifth of U.S. uranium supplies donated $145 million to the Clinton Foundation out of the goodness of their hearts, we have some swamp land in Florida that may interest you.

And if you believe former President Bill Clinton’s 2010 speech in Moscow was worth $500,000, we’ll follow up with a nice bridge in the Brooklyn neighborhood of New York City.

That’s the line taken by defenders of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her spouse for years, however. It is long past time to question it.

Through a complicated series of deals, the Russian company got control of about 20 percent of U.S. uranium deposits. The arrangement had to be cleared by several federal agencies, including Clinton’s Department of State. It breezed through with nary a concern expressed.

Both before and after the sale, those with interests in it were busy pumping about $145 million into the Clinton Foundation. Then, they paid Bill half a million dollars to speak.

Now Attorney General Jeff Sessions is saying he may seek appointment of a special counsel to investigate the affair. He should, and Congress should look into it, too.

But, you say, if it was that corrupt a bargain, why wasn’t it investigated previously? Because it occurred under former President Barack Obama’s administration, with Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch as attorneys general.

Before the Clintons have any more time to cover their tracks, a special counsel should begin probing the “Russia connection” with them.


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