Avoid Cutting Back On Voting Locations

Before Brooke County voters go to the polls in November, they may want to double-check locations where they are supposed to cast ballots. There may be fewer of them than there were earlier this month.

County commissioners and County Clerk Sylvia Benzo discussed the matter this week. In view of declining population in the county, it is possible some polling places will be merged.

Another challenge is that it is becoming more and more difficult to find people to work at polling places.

The two challenges — fewer people and fewer poll workers, may leave commissioners no choice but to reduce the number of precincts.

In deciding how to handle the matter, Commission President Tim Ennis said the guiding factor will be “what would be the least inconvenience to voters.”

Good. With voter turnout already distressingly low, any change that makes the process of going to the polls less appealing ought to be avoided.


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