Adams’ Efforts Benefited Many

In ways small and large, thousands of Ohio Valley residents have benefited from the dedication and hard work of Jay Adams during the past few decades. Our communities are better places because of him.

On Wednesday, Adams, of Wheeling, received the Light of the Valley/Dr. Lee Jones Patron of Youth award from the YMCA of Wheeling. The honor recognizes “selfless concern and care” for the community.

Successful in business and a community leader in many ways, Adams is known best for his involvement with soccer. Many would agree that, had he not seized the initiative more than 30 years ago, the character-building sport in our area would not be where it is now at all levels.

Neither would the many girls, boys, men and women whose lives have been made better by Adams’ efforts.

Highly successful West Virginia University Women’s Soccer Coach Nikki Izzo-Brown, who helped honor Adams, put it well: “I hope everyone understands how lucky Wheeling is” because of him, she remarked.

Exactly. Congratulations to Adams, then — and thanks.


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