Open Immigration Policies Dangerous

An Iraqi woman who left her native land for what she hoped was the safety of Germany has returned home — where she feels safer from Islamic State terrorism. Her decision is one more red flag for German officials who adopted an open-door policy toward refugees from the Middle East.

Ashwaq Haji Hami, 19, is of the Yazidi faith, from the Kurdish region of northern Iraq. While living in Iraq in 2014, she was captured by ISIS terrorists. She was enslaved and abused by a terrorist named Mohammed Rashid. She escaped and made her way to Germany.

There, two years ago, she saw Rashid, she told German authorities. Worrying that they were not taking her seriously, she returned to Iraq.

Now, German officials say they are looking into Hami’s story.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s policy has been to accept enormous numbers of Middle Eastern refugees seeking asylum. From 2015-17, more than 1.3 million people took advantage of that.

Clearly, that number was far higher than German authorities could investigate properly. It was a golden opportunity for terrorists to infiltrate Europe.

That should serve as a lesson for Americans in our debate about immigration policy. Throwing open our borders, as some have suggested, would be dangerous.


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