Impeachment Trial Was About Justice

West Virginia legislators proved something important Tuesday when they voted against convicting state Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Walker after an impeachment trial.

There have been claims the whole episode — House of Delegates members impeaching four of the high court’s five justices — was all about politics. Former Justice Robin Davis, who quit after being impeached but still will be tried by the state Senate, insists some sort of conspiracy to replace liberal female justices with Republican males is afoot.

But after hearing evidence against Walker, 32 senators, both Republicans and Democrats, voted to acquit her. Just one, a Democrat, incidentally, voted to convict.

The only Republican not voting in Walker’s favor was not able to be present for the trial.

If this was a Republican, male scheme, it probably was the worst excuse for an organized, determined conspiracy in history.

This was about justice, not politics. Good for state senators for proving that.


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