Safeguard Police, Sheriff’s Deputies

When most people think about equipment cities provide to police officers, items that come to mind include guns, cruisers, uniforms, handcuffs and the like. Good for Martins Ferry City Council for putting bulletproof vests at the top of its list.

Council members voted last week to spend as much as $1,000 each to buy 21 new protective vests for police officers.

In all likelihood, vests could be obtained for less. But Martins Ferry officials decided they wanted the best they could buy.

One councilman, Bruce Shrodes, has a personal reason for that attitude. His son, Patrick, was wearing a protective vest in March 2017 when, as a Columbus police officer, he was shot twice during a drug raid.

Patrick Shrodes was injured badly by a bullet to the hip. But the other shot, to his chest, was stopped by a bulletproof vest.

Law enforcement officers and deputies face danger every day they are on the job. Here’s hoping every municipality and county in our area has the same policy as Martins Ferry regarding regarding bulletproof vests.


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