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Education Is Key To Avoiding Abuse

A key to overcoming the drug abuse crisis in West Virginia is cutting off the supply of potential addicts. Warning young people — in a candid, convincing way — of the danger of illicit substances is critical.

Good for state Attorney General Patrick Morrisey for recognizing that and devising an excellent strategy.

Since 2016, the attorney general’s office has designated certain high school football contests as “Opioid Abuse Prevention Games of the Week.” There have been 164 of them, including 50 thus far this season.

Such a designation means staff from Morrisey’s office launch intensive education outreach initiatives at the affected high schools. Educational material is distributed. Coaches are enlisted to help. Alternatives to opioid painkillers are explained.

As Bernie Dolan, executive director of the West Virginia Secondary School Activities Commission, noted, educating young people “is vital to preventing them from ever starting down the path of potential addiction.” Good for Morrisey for doing just that.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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