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Ensure School Costs Are Covered

Seventy-six million dollars may not cover proposed improvements to public schools in Ohio County, members of a committee formed to provide advice on the project are warning.

Proceeds from a local bond issue approved this year by voters are to be combined with state funding for the work. But since it was planned initially, construction costs have increased, members of the Ohio County Schools Bond Advisory Committee noted last week. Contingency funds built into the budget may not be enough to deal with those increases.

Also a factor in higher construction costs may be a major project planned to improve Interstate 70 in Ohio County and an ethane cracker plant proposed for Belmont County.

School officials should take the committee’s advice and have professionals review the proposed improvements, with an eye toward providing a new estimate of costs. It may be that some adjustments in the plan will be necessary to ensure improvements Ohio County voters were promised can be made.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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