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Ensuring Deer Season Is Safe

While many Mountain State residents are preoccupied with planning the Thanksgiving Day meal this week, an army — not a small one — will be combing the woods and fields with something else in mind. The annual two-week deer hunting season for firearms opened Monday.

More than 250,000 hunters, a substantial number of them from out of state, are expected to hunt deer this fall, according to the state Division of Natural Resources.

Undoubtedly, an enormous number of hunters will be getting exercise to which they are not accustomed. Some will run into trouble because of that.

We urge those headed for the forests and fields to know their physical limits — and don’t even come close to surpassing them. Remember, a heart attack while deer hunting is not like one while at home: You may not even be able to call 911 from where you are.

Firearms safety is a paramount concern. Every year during deer season, some irresponsible hunters shoot before they think. Homes, vehicles — and people may be closer than you realize. Think about that before you squeeze the trigger.

Practice safe firearms handling — common sense, really — whatever the situation, whether it be crossing a fence or climbing into a tree stand.

Deer season is a tradition in West Virginia. With just a little caution, it can create good memories. Not understanding and guarding against potential danger can result in tragedies.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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